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From the 16th July I will be moving all of my classes from the Medicine Garden in Cobham to the Cobham Curve, home to Cobham Rugby Club, also in Cobham ( ). The classes will be held in the upstairs Covenham suite which is a lovely airy space with large glass windows looking out over the sports pitches. There is plenty of room so there will be no clashing during your performance of breaststroke or arm circles! As most of my clients know though I only allow ten people in my classes so that I can pay close attention to form and make adjustments when required.

I will be running classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. My main day is Tuesday though and I will be running four classes throughout the morning, as previously. This allows me to differentiate my class plan so that I can better cater for the differing needs of my clients. One size definitely doesn’t fit all and it is so important that each person finds the right class to really benefit them in their practice. Below is a deeper explanation of each class and what I try to deliver to my clients.

Absolute Beginners – This is an entry level class for those who have no experience of Pilates. Emphasis is placed on conveying the basic principles, breathing, pelvic & rib cage placement, shoulder mobility & stabilisation and finally neck and head placement. Often clients who attend this class have not moved for a while so I also focus on improving mobility and achieving a fuller range of movement around the joints. Of course, core stabilisation is a primary area of attention in order to promote better back health and support for the activities of daily living.

Beginners & Mixed Ability Level – Participants of this class have usually had some knowledge of Pilates and are familiar with the mat work repertoire. I offer variations on the exercises in order that you can choose the level of challenge that is appropriate for you. Also, I often use small equipment such as fitness circles and toning balls to provide variety and keep regular attendees on their toes! Therefore each client experiences a class that is helping to improve their core strength, whilst engaging their interest and attention throughout. This class is also run on Thursday mornings.

Intermediate Pilates – At this level clients have a good understanding of the repertoire and are able to perform intermediate level exercises with good technique. The class pace is a little quicker, in order to provide a more challenging workout whilst still paying close attention to adhering to basic principles. Some of the more complex exercises are broken down and rebuilt in order to promote understanding and better performance. Bring your ‘A’ game!

Seniors Pilates – It is important to find a class that is appropriate to your level of need. Often if you have musculoskeletal issues or conditions such as osteopenia or osteoporosis a more general Pilates class will not be suitable.(Take a look at Royal Osteoporosis Society ( ) for a more detailed exercise prescription) This class is ‘flexion free’, so is great for those who have more specific demands and need to try gentle movement with a more careful considered approach. In my Pilates studio where I take my 121 clients, I often work in conjunction with my osteopath husband ( ) to take a collaborative approach in supporting our clients who are dealing with reoccurring back pain.

I hope that gives you more information with which to make your choice of class and it begins a love of Pilates that lasts a lifetime!!